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Frequently Asked Questions

  • eBooks
    Everything you need to know about purchasing and downloading eBooks from the Pottermore Shop.
  • Digital Audio Books
    Everything you need to know about purchasing and downloading Digital Audio Books from the Pottermore Shop.
  • Compatible Devices and Apps
    Detailed information about devices and apps compatible with our Harry Potter eBooks and digital audio books.
  • Shop Account
    Find out more about your Pottermore Shop account and why you need one.
  • Gifts
    Everything you need to know about giving and receiving eBooks and digital audio eBooks as gifts.
  • Payments and Refunds
    Details on payment types, refunds, and other information regarding your purchase.
  • Language Enquiries
    More information about book languages, site languages and publisher restrictions.
  • Security, Privacy and Accessibility
    More information regarding Pottermore Shop policies.
    For help regarding the experience, please visit Help

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