Payments and Refunds

What payment types can I use?

We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Carte Bleue, JCB, Maestro and Solo credit and debit cards at the Pottermore Shop. We do not accept cheque or any other kind of payment at this time, although we will add additional payment options in the future.

For customers outside the UK, you may need to contact your bank in order to enable your card for international payments. If your card is declined, check with your issuing bank or financial institution to confirm whether your card can be used for international transactions.

What currencies can I use to a make a purchase?

At present you can use £ GBP, € EUR, $ USD and ¥ JPY to buy eBooks and digital audio books from the Pottermore Shop. To make sure that the books are shown in the right currency for you, please select the currency from the drop-down list at the top of the page. Payment amounts made available in alternative local currencies, and which are not available in the drop-down list, are provided for your information only.

Please note, book prices are set in a single currency, so each day the prices in alternative currencies will vary slightly, according to the exchange rate.

Are there any extra charges?

The Pottermore Shop is based in the UK, and all orders placed outside the UK may incur an international service charge. Not all payment card transactions will carry this charge(it depends on your card issuer), and the amount will vary depending on the type of card used (it is generally a small percentage of the total). Please note it is your responsibility to be aware of any international service charges that your payment card issuer may charge.

Please note that as we have no visibility or control over these service charges, we are unable to refund them.

How do I get a refund?

Under normal services we cannot, unfortunately, offer refunds once a purchase has been completed. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details about cancellation rights and refunds.

If you wish to exchange a gift purchased for someone else for another book, you can request a refund so long as the gift code has not been redeemed. Any refunds given will be equal to the purchase price of the book.

If you would like to request a refund, please Contact us. Please also include any relevant details so we can deal with your query as quickly as possible.

Can I place an order over the phone?

You cannot place orders with us over the phone. The only way of purchasing the Harry Potter eBooks and digital audio books is via the Pottermore Shop.

Why has the price changed since I last looked?

Book prices may vary slightly on a day-to-day basis in line with the most up-to-date exchange rate. The Pottermore Shop may also review book prices from time to time.

Can I use vouchers from other service providers (e.g. Amazon) to pay for purchases at the Pottermore Shop?

Vouchers from other service providers are not valid at the Pottermore Shop.

Where do I enter a promotional code?

If you have a promotional code for the Pottermore Shop, you can enter it in the 'Promotional codes' box in your basket before you check out.

My promotional code was not applied. What should I do?

Please enter your promotional code one more time, just to make sure you didn't miss a number or letter out.

If it still doesn't work the next time you enter it, please Contact us. Please include any relevant details so we can deal with your query as quickly as possible.

What applicable taxes might be included?

As a UK-based company, Pottermore Limited pays Value-Added Tax (VAT) on all purchases by residents of European Union member states.

If you require a VAT receipt, please Contact us, quoting your order number, and we will be happy to supply you with one.

I think someone has fraudulently used my card on this website. What should I do?

If you think someone has fraudulently used your card on this website, please contact your card provider as soon as possible to let them know and rectify the problem.

Please also Contact us to report the fraudulent use, so that we can take any appropriate action.