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Gyldendalske Boghandel, Nordisk Forlag A/S, usually referred to simply as Gyldendal, is a Danish publishing house. Founded in 1770 by Soren Gyldendal, it is one of the oldest and by far the largest publishing house in Denmark. Since 1787 it's headquarters have been based in the centre of Copenhagen.

Gyldendal offers a wide selection of books, including fiction, non-fiction and dictionaries. A great part of Gyldendal's success as a publishing house can be ascribed to the two paperback series: 'Gyldendals Traneboger' (launched in 1959) and 'Gyldendals Paperbacks', which have been published since 1982. Gyldendal is also a leading player on the Danish Book Club market, establishing 'Gyldendals Bogklub' (1966), 'Samlerens Bogklub' and 'Bogklubben for sundhedsprofessionelle'.

Gyldendal also publish e-books and audiobooks, which can be purchased through the iOS-app 'BOGER' and through traditional retailers. Gyldendal is continually working to digitize their large back catalogue, and a greater part of the publisher's literary heritage can now be read digitally.

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